Red Flag all over your social media


Red Flag all over your social media


You may be seeing red flags each over your social media feeds moment, but in this case, those emojis are generally not meant as a nonfictional warning of brewing peril. At the sand, a red flag means strong currents that can beget significant injury or death. Or in social settings, a red flag"means any commerce with the person or object in question should end incontinently. 

 But formerly again, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok druggies have turned a common expression into a meme. Now, the red flag meme you are seeing on your defenses is being used to convey what some people determine to be discussion deal- combers.

 Druggies are participating quotations some real and others not that they suppose to be a warning sign of possible problematic actions or beliefs, and also following those quotations with several red flag emojis. For the utmost part, these memes are being participated with humor on social media, like when one stoner points out that relish pineapple on pizza is a red flag for them. 

The trend has spread to companies’ brand accounts as well, including Dr. Pepper pointing out that places that don’t have their popular pop are a “ red flag” for them.

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