Iphone 12



Iphone 12


    iphone 12,A superpowerful chip. 5G speed. An advanced dual-camera system. And a bright, beautiful OLED display.

     It may look like the most sophisticated phone you've ever seen, but it's not quite that way at all. There are three main components to this smartphone: one high performance processor with 4x Cortex A15 cores (up from 2 x ARM V8), and another 6GB of RAM plus 128MB onboard storage along side 64GB or 256 gigs of expandable memory which is actually used for expansion cards if needed. 

    The big selling point here was also its size – 15mm (~0;3 inches) wide by 1/4 inch (~18mm). If we compare them against what other top smartphones have been carrying around in their corners alread


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