Polaroid camera, identify 5 advantages and disadvantages

Do you know what a Polaroid Camera is? Polaroid cameras are cameras that can process their own photos in the camera body after shooting. This polaroid camera uses a special film called a polaroid film. This polaroid camera was designed by Edwin Land, of the Polaroid company and marketed since 1947. The Polaroid name is actually a trademark.

Surely you want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of this camera?

Let's discuss the advantages of this camera first

1. Suitable for beginning photographers or those learning the craft of photography

Why? Because this camera is very simple and easy to understand how to use,

2.Easy and fast in use

The shooting process until the photos come out doesn't take a long time. The process is much faster than with other cameras.

3. Exclusive

This camera can only print 1 photo per shot.

4. Distinctive design and shape

This camera has a variety of designs and shapes ranging from shapes and colors. Besides that, it can also be equipped with interesting and unique accessories.

5. Suitable for outdoor photography

Why? because it is easy to carry and friendly to outdoor lighting.

After knowing the advantages, you also have to know the disadvantages. The disadvantages of polaroid cameras are:

1. The photo size is restricted

The size of the photo cannot be adjusted to the size because the photos will be printed immediately.

2. Refills photo paper

Because photo refills that can be inserted into the camera are limited, you need to carry the paper refill everywhere so you don't run out.

3. The price of refill paper is quite expensive.

Because the price is quite expensive, photo paper will be wasted if you are wrong in taking the photo.

4. Restrictions on camera settings

Due to the limited settings, it will be quite difficult for you to get a good photo.

5. Unsatisfactory results in low light conditions

If you take pictures in low light conditions, then this camera does not work very well.

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