Trick to Change Default Phone App on Android


Being a popular mobile OS, Android powers every smartphone that is not an iPhone. You can see the Android smartphone on all sides instantly, and one of the many important points that led to such recognition is the model of unlimited customization options it provides.

Apart from customization, Android will also be known for its large app ecosystem. It's very common for Android prospects to have multiple apps for the same purpose. For example, your phone may want the TrueCaller app installed to view caller ID but still use Google Phone because of the default dialer.

On Android, you even have the option to vary your phone's apps, and that's one factor you might want to do for many reasons. Next, if you've just installed a new model of phone/dialer app on your Android, the first thing to do is to make it the default. By doing this, you will have access to all of its options.
Steps to Change Default Phone App on Android

1. Initially, pull down the notification shutter on your Android and tap on the Settings icon. Alternatively, open your Android app drawer and select the Settings app.

2. In Settings, scroll down and tap Apps.

3. On the Apps net webpage, tap on Default apps alternative as confirmed below it.

4. In the Default app view view, tap on the Phone app.

5. Now, you will see a list of all the phone apps entered into your system. It's a good idea to choose the one that you only want to set as the default.

There he is! This will change the default phone app on your Android. You would just swap out the default phone app by following the equivalent steps.

If you're not using a third-party Android dialer app, you may be missing out on some useful options.

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