5 Tips to use the Internet Safely


5 Tips to use the Internet Safely

Here are 5 safe internet tips that you should try to avoid data theft:


1. Avoid Public Computers

Avoid using public computers). If you are forced to use a public computer, avoid accessing websites, services, applications, or various other things that are private, especially online activities that involve financial needs such as banking.

2. Password Management

Use a different password for each account. It might be difficult if you have to remember it, but now there is a password management application facility that can be used.

So, the key is to manage passwords, not remember them.

3. Two-Factor Authentication

Use two-factor authentication whenever possible. This security system has been used by almost all sensitive internet-based services, especially online banking.

4. Be selective in installing Plugins

Do not carelessly install plugins. When you visit a site, there will be lots of free software plugin installation promotions offered.

Some of them even provide false information saying that the software used on your computer is outdated and requires updating.

5. Browser Updates

Make sure your browser is kept up-to-date. Security features in a browser will continue to be updated in accordance with the increasingly dynamic trend of cyber attacks.

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