Asus zenfones stuck on usb logo or boot loop problem( softbrick solution)

Asus stuck on boot loop or stuck on usb is kind of common problems of asus phones. But its necesary to understand whats the differnce between softbrick and asusual in softbrick phone will be normal in fastboot mode or droidboot mode or recovery mode, but in case of hard brick phone will not show any option of recovery mode and some time it will also not open in fastboot mode. solution for softbrick asus phones :
 1. download flash files for your asus phones in zip (
 2. Intel Isoc usb drivers
3. asus android usb drivers
 4. adb fastboot softbrick unbricking or flashing methed of asus phones via droidboot/fastboot

1.First of all download the all files from the given link
2. Then install the intel isoc usb drivers and asus android usb drivers ( unzip the asus android usb driver and install that via device manager).
3. Now rename the flash file to ‘asus’.zip only and move it to abd fast boot folder
 4. Turn off the phone completely (with holding the power+ volume up and down all together)
 5. Make sure your battery must be fully charged or charged above 70%
6. Now turn on the phone on droidboot mode with holding the power key and volume up key
 7. After that select recovery , when android logo appears then simply hold volume down keyand with holding volume down just press the volume up key
 8. And then it will open recovery mode with four options, then select (apply update from adb)
9. now connect the phone to computer and give this commands:-1.adb devices 2.adb sideload 10. now when you see 100% comepete then wait for 10 minutes to apply that update and then remove the phone from computer
11. the first boot will take approx 10-15 minutes and sometime 20 minutes to power on the phone……  

*Do at your own risk*

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